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This game was wild absolutely loved it!


This indie game was a nostalgic point-and-click experience that reminded me of games like Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis and Escape from Monkey Island. I love that there was also a moral to the story! Give it a go and see for yourself! Well Done George Broussard!


What a brilliant experience. I love point and click games, well done.

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Really nice little adventure game, has a good atmosphere and looks really awesome. I'd say the second half of the game is basically just story and has no real gameplay but it's an interesting story and the game was overall fun to play. Thank you for making it.

Here's a playtrough without any commentary:


Nice point and click adventure game. Loved the art and story. Well done!!

Nice work!

I would love if you could play my game and give me some feedback too, it's called "Touch of Madness":

The game is good. Pretty short. Nice art. Personally disliked the earlier part with the click game mechanics, unnecessarily confusing. If I am being harsh I would say that this game couldn't really decide what it wanted to be, does it want to be a click and point game or storytelling game.

If I had to choose, I would say this game better be a Storytelling game.

So I wish the developer success. Hopefully the next game would be more focused on storytelling, because the voice acting quality and the art would be fitting for such gameplay (instead of point and click). In my opinion. 

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Short and great. Loved the ending.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E but sooooooo short !

Thanks for this little game, it has everything from old LucasArts adv games, I remember Loom, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones 3 for instance and more recent Beneath a steel sky and even Primordia, including the little cross-hair.

Voices are great, actors did a good job on this.

Do you plan any addition to it ? A full game for later ? It would be greatly welcome. Especially knowing these adv games doesn't look likes to be so popular.

The only (very little) issue is the "save and quit" button, which create a new save regardless game was saved just before (old habits :) ).

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I found this game browsing my recommendations.

I appreciate it was available for linux. I played it and loved it, even if it is a little short.

Short maybe, but really good reminding me "The Dig" by Lucas Arts.

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This game turns sad so quick...


It's great to see this style of point and click adventure! I love the art, the characters, the voice acting. 

I enjoyed the first part of the game the most, solving problems on the wind farm. The second part, although it's the more emotional part of the story, there's not actually anything to do, just linearly watch the story play out. It would be more interesting if the player can make different choices or has to solve problems. That way, the player will be more engaged with the story. 

Anyway, I hope you will continue to make such beautiful games! 

The sequence leading up to the evening is great, and feels like a real world.. 

Since I was already familiar with the story of the monkey's paw, I didn't much care for a an exact retelling, which didn't seem to fit the world you had built.. Maybe that could have worked if it integrated more into the world - perhaps an alien artifact and with a different sequence of events than the monkey's paw story. But is this thematically important to the father's life?  I'd be more interested in why the cats are doing bizarre things, is there something agitating them? Is there some mystery involving the company the son works at? 

Great voice acting and art, would definitely play another game that takes place in the same world.

Oh and it just occurred to me, the monkey's paw is definitely  a convenient way for the company to avoid blame for dangerous work conditions. Yeah they are totally liable. 


Pretty interesting game about consequences,art style and voice acting is really impressive,5\5


Really loved the story, graphics, sounds, and everything! It was really well done and super fun! The story had big moral impacts, plus also had interesting puzzles that weren't too hard to solve!

Loved the space theme to it and the story progression and the allusions to what might happen slowly but surely. 

The only thing I found strange is that the story was about space dwellers and working in that place and then suddenly there was this monkey's paw thing that came in that changed the story and also that's where all the puzzle and interactive elements of the game stopped. I felt like it would have benefitted more if the game progressed with more of the interaction of objects and puzzles (Sort of like in Don't Escape 4!)

But those are just my thoughts, I still loved playing it and it was a super fun experience that you made, great job on it and good luck for future projects!

Very impressive for a short jam game!! definitely one of the better ones I've played. Just checked out your other work and realized you also made Stowaway?! can NOT wait to see what else you put out in the future :-) 

Loved It! And its impressive it “only” a JAM game!! Well done!! I get some The Dig vibes with the art style.

the art styles awsome its alot like dont escape

Technically excellent and great art. Could be made more excellent with better dialogue.

An incredible "return to the past" between Another World and Indiana Jones. The graphics are magnificent. Superb game. Well done

Thanks it 's was great ! Is it another ending ? Can we access the good spot ?

A really nice short game.
Thank you and sleep well. 

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Thank you very much, enjoyed playing through it! Well worth my time!

Also, I played it on linux, thank you for providing a native executable & it worked just fine!

Loved this, this was a very enjoyable game!

Really nice artwork! 


No gamepad support?

What an amazing masterpiece, reminded me of the old adventure games glory and that final "Twilight Zoneish" ending my favorite show, perfect!


Awesome game from a legendary gamer & dev! It is like a time travel back to the golden age of games. Thank you for sharing and best of luck!

This takes me back, captures the feel of what made the adventure games great, and just feels right. It's a beautiful work visually, thanks for the effort and work sir. 


Really great game and super immersive. Looking forward to further chapters! Nice work George.

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Looks a lot like “Another World” for the Amiga!

The game keeps giving this error: segmentation fault (core dumped)

Sorry to hear that. Is this on Linux? If so I can’t help much as I have no experience with Linux.


I love the art!!

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I've always been intrigued by W. W. Jacobs work on "The Monkey's Paw" and to see a futuristic sci-fi rendition on it, brought a new look to point and click, puzzle, 2D games. From the ambience to the idea of facing a non-moveable creature; just a supernatural item, with consequential promises to the wishes granted, just brings the beauty of it all back to the og story.

Pros: [Subjective]

The Artistic outlook was quite an enjoyable atmosphere. It was dense and compact; but every piece was detailed, giving shadow, highlights, and graphical improvement, upon which most 2D games lack. The Puzzles were short and sweet, with some form of a rewarding  feeling after figuring out where one item goes and solving each puzzle. For a game that was only made in 2 weeks, it underlines every essential necessity for game: story, puzzles, an objective, an obstacle, a lesson to be learned.

Cons: [Subjective]

I feel like the beginning didn't make much sense, it was an interesting designer choice, and allowed the player to dive into the world and atmosphere of the game, however, it didn't add onto the story as much as I thought it would. Felt like a filler till we get to the actual Monkey's Paw. At the end, it would've been cool to see the son burst through the door before the main protag yells for his last wish.

All in all this was a VERY well designed game, and would definitely like to see more from this developer in the near future!

Thank YOU, George Broussard, for this well crafted, story driven game, that opened my eyes to the term, "Be careful what you wish for."

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I can't believe someone finally turned this old tale story that I read in my Read class into a game. It's as amazing as the book. ♥


I like this game. the short yet significant gameplay part (the day of work) settles the univers very nicely. the art and voices are cool. I am just a little surprised by the conclusion *alert spoiler* You try to illustrate the sentence "be careful what you wish for", but the "punishment" the player receive is the cause of its wish and not its consequence. He wishes for *ALERT SPOILER LAST WARNING* two hundred credits. It could have brought bad things like having to pay more taxes, leading smuglers to attack them, or loose frendships. But the punishment is the way he optains those two hundred credits. Maybe I'm the one not understanding your point, but it seamed wierd to me.

  The way the two last wishes are used is interesting. 

you dont have to tell me that this is inspired by The Dig 1995

Hey George, this is fantastic. Thank you so much for your and Travis's work and for sharing this for free. Mind blowing.


The second act felt like a Twilight Zone episode and then the ending confirmed that influence for me. lol Anyways great game!

Cool game but using the TAB ability slowly destroyed my framerate for some reason, eventually going from a smooth 60fps to just 5fps and I doubt it's caused by me using linux to play this since the outcome is so strange, but all I had to do is restart the game like twice and managed to beat it quickly. Hope to see more games like this in the future, since I loved the voice acting and the pixel art, but the controls were kinda meh, like why not use ESC for pausing and opening the save/load/quit/options menu but in the end a solid 8/10, too short for the story to get interesting.

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