(Created for Ludlum Dare 41 game jam in 48 hours. Theme: "Combine 2 incompatible genres)

A mash-up of basic farming as an arcade game.

Rabbits can trample your crops. Crows can drop a rock wiping out all crop progress. You gain an extra health heart each level. Jump over rabbits and avoid crow rocks, and try to grow all crops on screen to advance to the next level.

A short game consisting of 5 levels, and requiring no more than 5 minutes of your time.


  • Movement - Left / Right arrow keys
  • Jump - Up Arrow / Space
  • Water - X
  • Music Toggle - M (procedurally generated and may be annoying).


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Why though!!! Such a rage game!!!!!! So CLOSE!!!


Farming is hard work :) Probably should have added a shotgun.


I died at the last level! REEEE